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HR-218 - the Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act signed by President Bush on July 22, 2004 (now Public Law 108-277) authorized retired L.E.O.'s to carry their firearms out of state.  However, since neither New York State nor NYPD provided the required certification, our retirees could not qualify under the statute.  This was corrected when President Obama signed into law S-1132, the Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act Improvements Act (now Public Law 110-272) which redefines the certification as training standards "established by a law enforcement agency within the state or those used by a certified firearms instructor".  For further info on this and other related matters of importance please refer to the F.O.P webpage at:

HR-218 at FOP

NOTE: THE REQUIRED TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION IS NOW OFFERED BY CERTIFIED LAW ENFORCEMENT TACTICS, LLC (ARHP member Nelson Pagan, President).  You can contact him at telephone # 718-490-4598 or via email:

Ps: remember that the law only provides an affirmative defense for possession of your registered firearm!


 HR 218 / L.E.O.S.A. UPDATE 

HR 218; Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act.  This information is an excerpt article from the publication called ‘THE CHEVRON’ – produced by the Retired Sergeants’ Association, comprised of retired personnel from the NYCPD:  

             “In spite of the foot dragging on the part of 1 P.P. (sic: NYCPD HQ), many of you are now managing to qualify under the provisions set forth in the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act.  This means that more and more of us are traveling throughout the country while legally carrying firearms.   Naturally, this increases the possibility of our members having to use their firearm to defend themselves or someone else.   We hope and pray that you never need to use your firearm.   However should you find yourself in that situation, we thought it a good idea to remind you of some facts and make several recommendations.  

First and foremost remember that LEOSA is not a federal carry  permit.  It is an affirmative defense under federal statutes.  

Second, and perhaps even more important, in any incident; you are not a police officer, and therefore not entitled to that benefit of the doubt.  

As you travel to other jurisdictions, be aware that every state has laws which allow you to defend yourself against death or bodily harm. Each state is different; some require that you retreat before using deadly physical force.   Wherever possible familiarize yourself with the requirements of the state you are in.   Unfortunately this is not always practical.   It is therefore suggested that in all cases; whenever you can retreat before having to resort to the use of deadly physical force, do so.  

 We strongly recommend that you develop a relationship with an attorney or purchase self defense insurance.   Policies are offered by both the NRA and FOP to their members.   Premiums are reasonable.   Private insurers also offer insurance.  

 Should an incident occur, and we sincerely hope it never does, there are some things you need to be aware of.  

 Immediately call 911 to report the incident.  

Request an ambulance for the perp.   Hopefully your training has kicked in and you have preserved you and your loved one’s physical safety.  

Now your focus shifts to your liberty and financial security.   So your next call should be to a lawyer or a 24 hour hot line number provided by your insurance carrier.  

Remember that when you speak to 911, the calls are recorded.   Prosecutors can and will use the contents of the call.   Therefore be brief.   Identify yourself, and your location.   Describe yourself and what you are wearing.  

Briefly tell the operator that you shot a person(s) who was trying to harm you, rob you, carjack you, etc.  

Avoid the impulse to give great detail.   Very often in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic incident you may forget an important detail or add something which may be used against you in a criminal or civil case.   You can’t take it back.   The less said the better.  

 When the police arrive, PUT THE GUN DOWN.  

Comply with their orders and instructions without question.   Do not argue with them.   They know neither what is going on nor who is who.   If they handcuff you submit without argument.  

Do not become chatty.  

Don’t try to avoid a night in jail by talking too much.  

 Best to say that the person was trying to harm you and you defended yourself.   Inform them that you will give a full statement after you have conferred with your attorney.  


Remember, how you are treated will depend largely upon how zealous the individuals you deal with are, and upon their degree of common sense or lack thereof.  

Your firearm will most likely be confiscated.   It should be returned when the matter is resolved in your favor.  


In summary, have a lawyer and carry insurance.  

Be prudent in the use of firearms.  

Cooperate with investigating officers but be brief and be represented by a lawyer.”


New York State Pension Taxation Information is available from the Retired Public Employees Association (RPEA) at the following link:



dated prior to July 1, 2010 have been voided to improve security.  Application for a replacement can be obtained from Puerto Rico Govt. Dept. of Health at:

Certificado de Nacimiento, GovPR Depto Salud





Congratulations to

 Chief Carlos Gomez, former Commanding Officer, Patrol Borough Bronx, recently promoted to Chief of Housing




Congratulations to NYPD School Safety Division Director Ramon Garcia on his recognition at the 2014 National Puerto Rican Day Parade for exemplary leadership and service to NYPD and NYC Education..  

Director Ramon Garcia is pictured above with NYC School Chancellor Carmen Farina.

....and here marches at the head of the parade with NYPD Police Commissioner William Bratton.



Congratulations to all who served in the U.S. Army's 65th Infantry Regiment - the "Borinqueneers", so nicknamed since most members were from Puerto Rico.

  The unit has been awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for their military service and outstanding bravery in combat.  Oorah!



The New York City Council has succeeded in overriding the Mayor's veto of two City Council bills that would have profound impact on the NYPD.  One has established an Inspector General for the Department and the other will permit suing a Police Officer if racial profiling is alleged. 



On the New York State front, amendments to the NYS SAFE Act  to provide exemptions for retirees as to type of weapons, clip capacity, ammo, etc., have passed the State Assembly and Legislature and have been signed into law by the Governor!

However, concerns have been expressed about the complex language of the bill so it is recommended that anyone affected or interested should do thorough research or seek advice from legal experts or Line Organizations.



Info re: Privacy (opt-out) forms for pistol license permits under New York State law.

Message from Patrick Lynch PBA President

Re: New York SAFE Act – Privacy Forms
Under the New York SAFE Act, generally the name and address of any person to whom an application for firearms license has been granted will be public record.  However, a person may request that his or her application information not become public record on certain grounds, including that he or she is an active or retired police officer, or a spouse, domestic partner, or household member of an active or retired police officer. 

In order to avail yourself of an exception from having your information be made public, you need to file a request for an exception within 60 days of the form becoming available.  The form is now available on the New York State Police website at  More information about the form and the exception is available at the New York State Police website at

Permit information held by the county is currently exempt from public disclosure, and will continue to be exempt until May 15, 2013.  At that time, those who have submitted the form will remain exempt from public disclosure unless the licensing authority refuses to grant the exemption.  You should apply for the exemption by April 15, 2013 to avoid any disclosure.

For Active Members:  The Department has informed us that there is no reason for active members to file the exemption form because the Department has no intention of releasing any information regarding active members as the information of active police officers is not subject to public disclosure.

For Retired Members Living in New York City:  Retirees living in New York City may submit their forms by mail to the following address:

NYPD Licensing Division
1 Police Plaza, Room 110A
New York, NY  10038
Attn: FOIL Request Exemption Form

For Retired Members Living Outside New York City:  Retirees living outside the City should submit their forms by mail or in person to their local licensing office in their county of residence. 



Veterans' Info:  Copies of DD-214 and other military records are available on line at:




May 9, 2014  NYPD Hispanic Society Dinner at Leonard's of Great Neck, LI.  Thank you all who filled our two ARHP tables in support of the honorees, including Man of the Year: Chief Carlos Gomez.


April 26, 2014  Our Spring Atlantic City bus trip was one of our best and for the first time in a while some smiles were seen on the way back!  Again, thank you to Bobby and Sheffie Pena for a job well done with arrangements, music and food for the trip.


April 5, 2014  Man of La Mancha play at Lehman College in the Bronx.  Thank you to Maureen Ocasion for ticket arrangements (front row!) and to Juan Cerezo for wonderful dinner arrangement for before the show.  The play was an excellent performance and the story of Don Quijote continues to entertain.



February 15, 2014 ARHP Annual Valentines' Day Party had plenty of dancing, food and friends and included the always popular gifts and 50-50 raffle


January 6, 2014 ARHP Annual Three Kings Scholarship Dinner Dance

Scholarship Incentive Awards Winners:

 1 - (2nd photo) Emily Walter  - daughter of Retired Det. Elizabeth Walter

2 - (3rd photo) April Toledo - daughter of Retired Capt. John Toledo

3 - (4th photo) John Maulucci - grandson of Retired Lt. Andrew Rivera

(unable to attend) Andrew Rivera III - grandson of Retired Lt. Andrew Rivera



Nov. 11, 2013 ARHP members and friends got together for dinner in Orlando, Florida.

More photos of the dinner can be viewed at:

2013-11-11 Florida Dinner


Aug. 20th, 2013: In rememberance of Manny Lavandero, family and friends shared an afternoon at one of Manny's favorite haunts, Yankee Stadium.  A memorial sign was displayed on the large scoreboard screen:

View more photos at this link:

PHOTOS - Day Outing Yankee Stadium





5/14/11 Atlantic City Bus Trip

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